Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10

Today I am following up on some information about my Great-great grandfather John Thielke. I have his marriage certificate which listed his parents as Charles Thielke and his wife Maria. John was married on 27 Oct 1863 in Milford, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin.

Facts that I have found on John and this marriage:
·         1839 John Thielke Born
·         1857 Aug – arrived in New York (abt age 18)
·         1863 Jun - US Civil War Draft Registration Record – John Thielke, age: 22 of Milford,                 Jefferson,  Wisconsin
·         1863 Oct – Married Wilhelimina Buss in Milford, Jefferson, Wisconsin
·         1870 US Census – Milford, Jefferson, Wisconsin
·         1880 US Census – Watertown, Jefferson, Wisconsin
·         1888 Naturalization Index – John Thielke date and port of arrival Aug 1857 New York
·         1895 WI Census – Watertown, Jefferson, Wisconsin
       o   John Thielke; 1 male, 4 females, 3 US born, 2 German born
·         1900 US Census – Watertown, Jefferson, Wisconsin
·         Death Index 16 May 1903 – John Thielke (b: 21 Sept 1839)
·         Death Index 23 Jan 1906 – Wilhelimina Thielke (b: 19 Dec 1842)

Things to do:
I found a tree of a relative that had contacted me several weeks ago. So on my to-do-list for tomorrow is to explore her on-line tree located at Ancestry.com. She has wonderful pictures and newspaper articles to review and new names that may need to be inputted into my file.

I look forward to tomorrow research day.

January 10 – It’s the 91st anniversary of the bank of genealogy everywhere; the fire that burned the 1890 census. Actually, not only fire, but smoke and water damaged much of the 1890 US Census in 1921. Then most of the remaining records were destroyed by bureaucracy and lack of care.
Search online for reconstruction projects and substitutes.

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  1. Found you blog via a "Thielke" search. I have Thielkes in my line, also in Wisconsin, though I've never been able to connect them to any of the other Thielke families in Wisconsin. Mine settled in the Ozaukee County area, but they seem to have come from the same areas and around the same time as the other Thielkes (Mecklenburg/Schwerin, Germany.) Here is a link to the earlier Thielke I have, Henry Peter Thielke: http://www.zalewskifamily.net/family/getperson.php?personID=I1334&tree=zalewski.

    Maybe we'll find a connection.