Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19

I have always wanted to teach genealogy classes. Last Fall I was lucky enough to be able to teach three different genealogy classes at my local community college. I taught a beginner’s class, a census class and an internet classes.

After teaching these classes, I found out what worked, what didn’t work and what needs to be modified. Therefore, today I spent the day revamping my course material, made photocopies of my course handouts and review my PowerPoint.
Last fall, I found that during my internet class titled “Finding your Roots Online”, one of my PowerPoint was wrong. I divided the four hour class into four subject matters and my subject matter on vital records is the PowerPoint that was wrong. When I create a PowerPoint, I used a template for the first subject matter and created the PowerPoint. Then I resave the PowerPoint under the next subject matter and change it for the next subject. It appears that I forgot to resave under a new name before working on the next subject matter and thus loss my PowerPoint for Vital records.

Today, I decided to re-create my PowerPoint for Vital Records. Luckily this process wasn’t as difficult as it was the first time. I just need to go over my class material that I read and follow and re-create the PowerPoint to aid in my presentation. This was a lot easier than thinking up everything from scratch.
January 19 – Plan to add ancestral meaning to this year’s holiday observances.

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