Friday, May 17, 2013

Presidental Kinship

This year, my genealogy society decided to have share sessions based on the theme of "Sharing our Genealogy Research". We wanted to share ideas on how to share our research with our families in a way that they would want it. I often think about what will happen to my research after I die. People might think they can donated to a local genealogy library, but even if they take it, what happens to it. Does it get stored in boxes, to never see the light of day again?

Therefore, I decided to share a portion of my research with my six half siblings. They are related to at least four past presidents. So I decided to do a quick chart on my computer that shows how they are related to these presidents. I did the chart in landscape mode and started with the common ancestor and went down to the presidents. I got lucky because they tie to the same couple. Three through the husband's family and one through the the wifes family. Plus since two of the presidents are the Bushes, it made it even easier. I used a fancy font and then placed the page into a see through frame. The kind that is two pieces of glass that has a frame around it. I think they turned out nice.

I will have to mail out three of the six but to my three siblings in Wisconsin, I will be hand delivering these to them. I hope they enjoy item and it will make a nice conversational piece for when their other family and friends come to visit.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Harriette E Neadry, Booth, Sponable

My great great grandmother, Harreitte E Neadry, has lived a very interesting life. The daughter of John W Nedry and Elizabeth Sponable. She is the oldest of 5 girls.

I have conflicting information on her birth date, from another's tree that I found on RootsWeb's WorldConnect, she was born Aug 1835.
From her death certificate I have her born 24 August 1836.

In 1850, she was living in Marengo, McHenry, Illionis, USA with her family and it states she was born in Ohio and was 15 years of age, which makes her birth 1835.

On 9 August 1851, she was married to Amos Booth who was at least 10 years her senior in West Point, Lee, Iowa. (taken from Amos's civil war pension file)

In the 1860 Census, she was living in Ripon, Fond du Lac Co, Wisconsin with her husband and two daughters, Martha Jane age 8 and Wilina Ellen age 6. It states she was born in Ohio and is age 25.

In the 1870 Census, she is still living in Ripon, Fond du Lac, Co, Wisconsin with her husband and and three children, Daughter Martha, age 18 and Marth's husband JD Owen age 29 and Marth's son FE age 1,  daughter WN age 16 and son Eddie age 1. She is listed as born in Ohio and is age 37.

In the 1880 Census, she as moved to Marengo, McHenry, Illinois and is boarding with the Avery family and her son Edwin, age 10 is living with her. Harriette is 46 years old listed as married and  born in Ohio. Her husband Amos is living in a Veterans Home in Milwaukee Wisconsin and is listed as 53, widowed and born in Canada.

On 18 Aug, 1890 while living in Marengo, McHenry Co, Illinois, Harriette applied for the Widows Pension of Amos Booth and claims he died in the Soldiers Home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She collected this pension until Amos filed for his disability pension on 15 Feb 1893.  On 1 Sept 1894 her Pension was cut-off because the soldier is still living.

On 23 Nov 1893 Harriette married her second cousin, John S Sponable, son of Andrew and Amada (Buckee) Sponable. She is listed as age 57 which makes her birth years as 1836. She was married in Grandville, Kent Co, Michigan. It states her birth place as Marengo, IL and lists that both parties were married once previously. Her parents are listed as John Neadry and Elizabeth Sponable.

on 27 Oct 1899, Amos Booth (Harriette's 1st husband) died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

On 21 Nov 1899, Harriet reapplied for Widow's Pension. She swears in court that she has not remarried since the death of said Amos H Booth. (Well, I guess this is true, because she remarried before he died).

In the 1900 Census, she is living in Marengo, McHenry, Illinois. It listed her age as 64 with a birth date of Aug 1835 and being born in Ohio. She is listed as a widow who had 4 children and 3 are still living. Living with her is her sister, Louise Nedry age 57, arch 1845, M with 0 children and 0 still living. Also living with her are Frank Owen her son-in-law, age 30, born Dec 1869 and granddaughter Lilian Owen, age 10 born Aug 1889 and grandson Benjamin Booth age 5, born Sep 1895.

In appears in 1900 Census that her 2nd husband, John Sponable might be living in Georgetown, Ottawa, Michigan age 74, born Aug 1825 in NewYork, and he is listed as a Widowed.

On 10, May 1900, Harriette is still applying for her Widow's Pension again Amos Booth and her sisters, Electra M Brown (age 54) and Sarah A Lyons (age 77) swear "that Amos H & Harriet E Booth were never divorced from each other and that the said Harriet E Booth still remains the soliders lawful widow she having not remarried since his death.

On 7 April 1906, John S Sponable (Harriette's 2nd Husband) died in East Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan. at the age of 80 years, 7 months, 30 days.

In the 1910 Census, she is living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her son, Edwin, age 40 with his 2nd wife Alva age 40 who were married for 3 years and her grandson Benjamin age 14. She is listed as age 74 and a widow who had 4 children and 2 are still living.

On 2 March 1916, Harriette died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Her funeral cost were as follows: Casket $75.00, Box $6.00, embalming $10.00, door badge $0.50, Conveyance $3.00 for $94.50 plus Physician's bill of $54.00 and undertaking of $28.50, transportation from Milwaukee (place of death) to Ripon, Wi (burial place) $4.98 for a grand total of $181.98.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Sponable Family History

I was searching my Sponable history because this is the branch of my family that has my DAR Patriot ancestor, Johannes Phillip Spanknable.

I created a facebook page for my Spanknable ancestor back in August 2012 after hearing about how one could use facebook as part of their genealogy. They had an example of using an ancestor as a facebook page and I thought I would do the same. About two weeks ago, I received my very first two likes!

They both seems to be connected to one of Johannes grandsons, Fox Sponable. However, I do not have a Fox Sponable in my file. Okay, that is not unusual, since I was concentrating on my direct lineage and I do put children of my direct lines but not always grandchildren or later lines unless I connect with someone.

During my search to figure out where Fox fits into the picture I came across a marriage index record for my 3rd great grandmother, Harriet Elizabeth Nedry. What made this find so strange is that it was a marriage between her and John S Sponable. Harriet's mother is Elizabeth Sponable the granddaughter of Johannes through his son John Sponable and Elizabeth Lighthall.

The index stated that the marriage occurred between 1892 and 1896. I have Harriet living in Marengo, McHenry, IL in both 1880 and 1900. I also find the index under both her maiden name of Harriett E Neadry and her married name of Harriett E Booth. And both indexes reference groom of John S Sponable.

I know that Harriet's (first husband) Amos Booth was living in a Veterans home by 1880. I also know that she collected from Amos' Civil War Pension as a Widow when in fact he was still living. It wasn't until he filed for disability against the Pension that they cut off Harriet and awarded Amos. Then when Amos died in 1899, Harriet reapplied and was award his Pension once again. In those papers it states that Harriet never remarried.

Therefore, I could not help myself, I had to send $10.00 out to Kent County Clerk's Office in Grand Rapids, Michigan and request the marriage certificate. I also found a death index showing that John S Sponable died 7 April 1906 and thus I requested that record too. Now the hard part, waiting for my treasurers to arrive via snail mail.