Friday, May 17, 2013

Presidental Kinship

This year, my genealogy society decided to have share sessions based on the theme of "Sharing our Genealogy Research". We wanted to share ideas on how to share our research with our families in a way that they would want it. I often think about what will happen to my research after I die. People might think they can donated to a local genealogy library, but even if they take it, what happens to it. Does it get stored in boxes, to never see the light of day again?

Therefore, I decided to share a portion of my research with my six half siblings. They are related to at least four past presidents. So I decided to do a quick chart on my computer that shows how they are related to these presidents. I did the chart in landscape mode and started with the common ancestor and went down to the presidents. I got lucky because they tie to the same couple. Three through the husband's family and one through the the wifes family. Plus since two of the presidents are the Bushes, it made it even easier. I used a fancy font and then placed the page into a see through frame. The kind that is two pieces of glass that has a frame around it. I think they turned out nice.

I will have to mail out three of the six but to my three siblings in Wisconsin, I will be hand delivering these to them. I hope they enjoy item and it will make a nice conversational piece for when their other family and friends come to visit.

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