Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11

Today I started reviewing the information on a relative’s on-line tree located at I started with the oldest child of my Great-Great-Grandfather John Thielke.

My project was Augusta Thielke 1864-1965.
She was married twice. Her first husband died shortly after the birth of her first child. Then she remarried and had 6 more children.

She was married during the 1880’s and I did find her in every available census from 1900-1930. I found her obituary but neither spouse obituary.
I have started researching her children, and I know is that her first child by her first husband, did not have any children.

Her second child, (first child for her second husband) had two children. I am continuing this branch before moving to the next child.
January 11 – Back up your genealogical data to CD or an online service. Send copies on CD to a relative.

This task is very important. You could also back up to a flash drive, or external hard drive. Perhaps you want a dedicated drive for your genealogy backup drive. Place a post-it-note with the date you backed up your drive. You may want to store the drive off-site, at a neighbor’s house, with a friend, and nearby relative. If you have enough space, make sure to backup not only your database, but your scan pictures and documents. Normal rule of thumb is back up anything you don’t want to lose, or would be difficult to recreate or replace. Think of all the time it took for you to scan pictures and documents. Perhaps you don’t even have all the original pictures or documents, how difficult would it be to recreate your collection. Therefore, back up everything and then you won’t have to recreate it.
Get in a habit to backup regularly. If you don’t work on your genealogy regularly, then backup as your last task for your genealogy each day you work on it.

If you work on your genealogy regularly, then you might want to back up more often. Every Friday as the last thing you do for the week, or Every Monday as the first thing you do for the week. Backup now, and then you will have no regrets later.

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