Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21

I don’t know where the days go. I meant to publish a yesterday’s blog and then never found time to do it. I’m sure the problem is this cold, or should I say cough that I am trying to recover from. It really takes a lot of my energy. I need to feel better by Monday because my beginning genealogy class is a go. The class will run Monday and Tuesday from 8:30am to 12:20pm each day. I am so excited and I am glad I verified my supplies for the class, so attending it will be a lot easier.

January 20 – Call your local public library or state archive and arrange a tour of the genealogy department. Make sure you learn to use the microfilm reader and computer databases.
Besides your local public library or state archive, visit your local genealogy library or Family History Center and arrange a tour of their facilities. Even though a lot of information is available on-line, you will not find everything on-line. Plus by visiting a genealogy library or Family History Center, you will find very friendly people staffing the library or center. They are more than willing to help you in your efforts.

January 21 –Create a genealogy correspondence log in an Excel spreadsheet or, if you prefer, on lined paper. Note: You probably will find a free form online to print out. List letters y send and receive, record requests, fees, dates and contact information. You may want one for email correspondence or create a correspondence email folder. You can move your sent emails into the proper location with-in your new email folder. Then when you get replies, you can move those to the same location..

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