Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27 - Snap more pictures

December 27 - Before hitting the post-holiday road home, snap some pictures of your childhood neighborhood.

What is great about digital cameras is that taking more pictures don't cost us anymore. You can choose if you want to print them. I have been finding that I have been saving them to my computer but I rarely print pictures. After special events or holidays, I have been creating picture books from online sites such as Shutterfly. They can be expensive when they get quite huge like my pictures from Peru. I had almost 600 pictures and I put most of the time into a 45 page 12x12 book. The hardbound book with discount cost me $60.00 put since the trip for the three of us cost over $9000.00 and this was basically my only souvenir, I say money well spent.

So take lots of pictures and think about putting them into small books, like my 8x8 book of my cruise trip. That book was only 20 pages and only cost about $20.00.

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