Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20 - Scan your photos

20. Select a few unidentified pictures and make photographic copies (using your scanner or an in-store photo kiosk, not a photocopier) to share with relatives at holiday gatherings.

I have been trying to scan all the photos and documents that I have and create a computer database. I believe in this method so much so that now through my genealogy library that I belong too, I have volunteered to scan research donations. After the society president told me about a 3 box donation of someone's research notes that the LDS library rejected because it wasn't in any special order, I decided to scan the donation. This way I will hopefully be able to reduce the size of this donation down to one large box. The donation contains lots of photos, and I plan on scanning those too. I will get rid of paperwork notes after scanning but will keep the photos, and try to organize them in a manner that is useful. Hopefully someone in that family will inquiry about it and we can then send them the entire box and the copy of the scan items too. I would like the library to keep a copy of scan items so they can be shared to future researchers.

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