Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5 - Business Cards

Sept 5 - Buy business card templates at an office-supply store and print your own genealogy cards with your name, e-mail address, and the surnames and locations you research. Hand them out to fellow researchers at every opportunity.

I used VistaPrint ( and during one of their promotional periods, I received the backside free. I put my contact information on the front, name, address, email, phone numbers and then in alpha order, I put all my direct ancestor's surnames on the back. I purchased a box of 250 cards and whenever I make contact with distant relatives and we send (snail mail) stuff to each other, I enclosed a card. I keep a few in my genealogy stuff and my laptop bag, so when I am doing research, I can easily share my contact information with others. This box is lasting me like forever, so the cost was well worth it.

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  1. Update: I read a suggestion that maybe you should not put your home address or phone number on the cards. Reason: you are giving this to strangers and some people may call at all hours of the night. Just leave your email address and when you get to know the person, then you can decide to give your phone number and/or address to them.

    I just created new cards, with my name, location of city and state only. My email, my website and my blog. You could had a twitter account, some have added their profile. Look for examples on-line and don't forget to brand yourself. Pick a design and stick to it, for address return labels, letterhead (if you need any),etc... This way people will think of you when they see the design.