Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25 - Monthly Genealogy Maintenance

September 25 - Continue your monthly genealogy maintenance: File papers, revisit message boards and repeat online database searches. Remember to check for spelling variations of your ancestors' names.

I find that genealogy involves a lot of revisiting what we already have. First of all, you might know more today than the first day you collected the information. I have re-read obituaries, and discovered more family or was able to identify which female sibling is Mrs Robert Jones. Therefore based on whether they were preceded in death or survived by, I am able to limit Mrs Robert Jones death date.

It's also a good day to set aside and clean up some more of your files, by filing them into the proper place, or sourcing them into your computer program. Perhaps you only have a few days a month to do genealogy, don't skip the maintenance in order to do more research. Some times you need to take one step back to more three steps forward!

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