Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 18 - Clean out your email inbox.

September 18 - Clean out your e-mail inbox—some programs let you export an archive file of messages you want to hold on to. You also can copy and paste messages into a word processing document.

I don't know if I really agree with this daily tip. I have tried exporting my messages by transferring them into a word processing document. But I find them more useful by leaving them in my inbox. I use outlook, so all my e-mails are stored on my computer. I can see exporting them if they are stored on an external server if you use gmail, hotmail, yahoo or if you access your email through some other internet program. 

But since I have mine stored on my computer, I have organized my emails. I have a genealogy inbox and then I have my major surnames under it. I place emails into their proper folder based on surname. I do go through my outbox, and clean that up. I leave my replies to emails in my outbox, but I haven't taken the time to create a similar genealogy outbox and major surnames under it. This would help me keep track of what I share with distant cousins. 

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