Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30 - Cram in a research session

October 30 - Before you're too busy with holiday errands, get yourself to the library for a hot-and-heavy research session.
Yep the holidays are coming faster and faster every year. Once Novemeber arrives, my head starts to spin. I need to get the house clean for Thanksgiving and ready for Christmas Decorations, which I usually start the Friday after Thanksgiving. I have already have some presents purchased, so I will find time to start wrapping those. Its easier to keep up with the wrapping and not letting it wait to the last minute. (Will not do that ever again).
Need a break from all the Holdiay hustle and bustle, then schedule little short boost of genealogy tasks. Instead of starting new projects, think about wrapping up any outstanding projects you started this year. Such as redoing your files, or just making sure everything is filed back where it belongs. Make inventory of your books, and perhaps write a wish list of books you want to have. I give these to family members who always ask what I want for Christmas.
By wrapping up all your projects, you will be ready for the new year and be organized too! Because we all know when the new year arrives, we will be thinking about tax day until April. Then summer vacation, then school starts and then we are right back to the holidays.
P.S. Happy Birthday to my eldest son, Robert who turns 27 today.

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