Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13 - Interview a relative

October 13 - Stop by the StoryCorps project's Web site <> and make an appointment to interview a relative at a MobileBooth. Or download a do-it-yourself guide to recording an interview.

This tip is probably the most important and the most difficult to do. Especially for relatives you are not that familiar with. I remembering interview a few relatives and they were more scared of what I was going to ask then I was scared of asking them. When you do record a relative, keep it short, they can tire quickly. Have your questions prepared ahead of time. I find I start off with real easy ones, like confirming their birth date and place. Perhaps their marriage date and place. I might as who their in-laws were. Simple questions, then I will ask about their grandparents. I like them to share one of their favorite memories of their grandparents. That usually gets them talking and relax.

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