Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29 - go beyond your family tree software

October 29 - Look beyond standard family tree software to add-ons that locate defunct towns and create pretty charts. Try Progeny Software and The Gold Bug <>.
Software packages have come along way since this tip was written in 2006. Also, I like using more than one software package, because perhaps I like the reports of one, but like inputting information via another. No problem, just pick one software package as your main package and do all your editing of data in this package. Then export via GEDCOM file to another program and run whatever you like from that application. As long as you are always inputting via your main package, you won't have any problems.
P.S. Happy Anniversary to my hubby who 29 years ago, married me on the 29th. This would have been my parents, 52nd anniversary had they both still been living. My Love to both of the them who are never far from my heart or thoughts.

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