Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 24 - dig up your roots in Central and Eastern Europe

April 24 – Visit the Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies Web site (especially the map room) to dig up your roots in Central and Eastern Europe.

Today at the Genealogy Society Share Session we talked about the 1940 US Census and sharing our successes or failures.  The challenges we face is not knowing where our ancestors lived. The success is knowing where they lived.  It was funny hearing how someone was complaining about the district had 34 images and that we had to scroll through those images. Boy are we spoiled. I remembered when I had to travel to the area that the census was taken and visit a local library. I had to pull the microfilm and load the machine. Then it was a matter of scrolling at lot more than 34 images to find the people we were looking for.

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