Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 20 - any black sheep ancestors?

April 20 – You’re perfectly law abiding of course, but an ancestor may have done some jail time Get hints on researching court and institutional records from the International Black Sheep Society of Genealogist <>

Well I haven’t found a direct ancestor by I have found at least one in a collateral line. The person threw his wife down a well and went to the bar he ran. Someone happens to go by the farm and heard the wife screaming and she was helped out the well. He was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years. He contested and in his second trial, he was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years. This was around 1900. A couple of years ago, I found an article that showed he was married before the well wife. His first wife died mysteriously. The news article stated that he came home and found her died on the floor. She had bruises on her body. The inquest determined that the bruises were caused by the fall that caused her death. I wonder!

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