Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21 - African-American family history

February 21 – Study the African-American family history research tools at AfriGeneas http://afrigeneas.com/  and checkout the links found at http://familytreemagazine.com/article/african-american-ancestors-online .

Today I worked on my PowerPoint’s for my Finding your Roots Online course that I will be teaching tomorrow. I created a handout with the Google tips and tricks on doing searches since I noticed a lot of people were writing everything down during my prior class. I also added more screen views in my Ancestry PowerPoint so that I didn’t have to stop my PowerPoint to show the screen prints.
I worked on my PowerPoint for the April Genealogy program that I will be doing on Software reviews. I was asked to review Family Tree Maker, Legacy and Roots Magic. Even though I use Family Tree Maker I would recommend Roots Magic. It is the cheapest and appears to be the easiest to use. I like the ability to load the software onto a flash drive and being able to take the software with you to public computers. If a person was to store their database using Dropbox.com, then they would have access to their database too. This makes the software package very appealing. Legacy seems very cumbersome to use, it seems to me that to do simple tasks takes a lot of work. For example to figure out the age of someone, you have to go to the function to do it, but in FTM, it will display the person’s age as part of their record. I still don’t like the way you source in Legacy but I do like the ability to create webpages but Roots Magic does that too.

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