Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16 - Power up your online searches

February 16 – Power up your online searches by studying the database’s search hints pages and then use the advice.

I only recently learned some new techniques for using Google Search, see below for some of my favorites.

You can search any website that doesn’t have their own search engine by typing your search word or phrase and then the word site: followed by the website. Example: cemetery site: which will show all references of cemetery within the website. Then when you find the desire cemetery, if it has transcribe stones as part of the record, you could do a name search within the cemetery such as: crinion site: which lead me to cemetery stones for the Crinion family.
Searching for related websites is a possibility too. So if you find a website you like, you can then find all sites related to that site or sites that are similar by type . So if you find a type of genealogy site you really enjoy, perhaps you can find related sites.

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