Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14 - Happy Valentine's Day

Write a story of how your favorite ancestral couple (or you and your spouse met).

This made me realize that I don’t know exactly how my parents met. I know they were introduced via my uncle Russell Reilley. My mother was a widow with 6 children and Uncle Russell was good friends with my mother’s deceased husband. He was working with my father and thought that he and my mother would make a great pair. My father was single, never married, the youngest of three children, who was a father figure to his nieces and nephews (sister’s children) since their father wasn’t around. His older brother married a widow with two children. But I don’t know where they were introduced or if it was a blind date, double date or anything else about their meeting.

I met my husband at a bar of all things. I saw this handsome man talking to a friend of a friend. I asked about him and she introduced us. My friends wanted to go bar hopping to another bar and I told them to wait a minute while I use the bathroom. When I got out, no friends but this handsome man was standing there and told me that they went ahead and he would give me a ride to the bar. I had never been to that bar before and as we were heading there, he asked me if I really wanted to go to that bar. I said, not really and so he drove out to the countryside, found a parking spot and we talked for hours. The next night I had to babysit my niece and nephew and he came over and we talked some more. Then Sunday we hung out again, but I can’t remember what or where we went. That was a week after my 18th birthday (1981) and we have been together ever since.

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