Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28 - Memorial Day

May 28 – This Memorial Day, visit the grave of a family member who served in the Military. if you like, leave a note to unknown cousins who may be paying tribute to the same person.

I’m sure my husband will want to visit his father’s grave this weekend, we happen to be in our home town on a visit fixing up our 2nd home. His father served in WWII and I even sent for his military records through the NARA website (see May 26th). I had to fax them a form that my husband signed and many weeks later we received a letter in the mail stating all the awards he had received. Much to my surprise they even stated that they would send duplicate metals to our home. I am looking forward to putting those metals into a shadow box with his military picture and hanging this in our 2nd home. The metals are to arrive late October.

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