Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17 - Convert old videotapes and films.

May 17 – Have old videotapes and films? Find services that will convert them to digital format in the yellow pages under video Tape duplication and Video Production Services. See the December 2005 Family Tree Magazine for more information.

Okay that was the tip from 2006 and we have come along way in 6 short years. It used to be an expensive project to undertake doing yourself. I purchased a device that converts VHS to DVD and states that it is a powerful and effortless video conversion solution. I spent $60.00 but haven’t taken the time to do this project. This will be one of my summer projects to do this year. It shows taking your old VHS player (I saved one of mine) using RCA to RCA video/audio cable which is included to the device and then USB back to your computer (also included). It states it does support an S-video input.  I have some home movies that I want to convert from VHS to DISC. I hope this all works!

I had my son last summer start scanning the large slide collection that I inherited from my parents. I haven’t done anything with those slides yet, but that is another big project I need to do. I guess I need to set aside a day a week or a half a day a week to start tackling these projects.

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