Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26 - Military Pension records

May 26 – Veteran ancestors or their widows may have applied for military pensions, depending on the war, records may be at NARA <> or in State Archives. Consult the October 2005 Family Tree Magazine for help finding them.

I requested my great-great grandfather’s Civil War records and found the proper spelling of my great-great-grandmother’s maiden name. I also found that she filed for widows pension before her husband had died. They were separated, he lived in Wisconsin and she lived in Illinois. She collected for about a year until he filed for the disability benefits and she was cancelled and he started collecting. Then after he really died, she had to re-file all the same paperwork. The file is quite large and some of the information is duplicated because of her filing twice for widow’s benefits. I’m surprise that they paid her the second time, I would have expected the benefits would have been held for about a year, since she collected those previously.

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