Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28 - Page through inherited cookbooks.

March 28 – Page through cookbooks you’ve inherited and ask your relatives to do the same. You might discover handwritten recipes and notes from Great-grandmother or Aunt Esther.

I went through my mother’s cookbook, which wasn’t the one I remember as a child. She used to have a Betty Crocker cookbook, hard cover and large size. But the one she used in her final years was a paperback version of the same cookbook. When she moved to a smaller house, she cleaned out her collection of cookbooks and downsized them. I purchased the paperback version shortly after I got married because I loved her cookbook and could not afford the big hard cover version. I purchased the hard cover version a few years ago, but find myself using the paperback version because it is so much easier. I will be taking my mother’s version to my 2nd home to use. I know there are some handwritten pages in the book, but I haven’t investigated it. Now I am curious to see whose handwriting is on those pages but the book is packed and ready for the new 2nd home. I won’t be able to look until June when I get to the house and unpack.

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