Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Goals Review

I was reading an email that talked about the goals we made ourselves back in January. Do you recall the goals you made?

Well my goals are to work on the paper stack beneath my desk. I have put a big dent into those papers, and I am not done, but I have been scanning, recording and filing. I found some lost treasures and organized others by creating new family group folders. I must admit, looking at my file folders is a lot easier these days, I can quickly identify what I am looking at.

I reported a while ago that I finished the scanning project I was doing for my genealogy society library because I found a family member to give the donated research papers to. Oh what a happy day to see these papers end up with a family member and not be hiding on the shelves of the library. I have been looking at some other boxes and I see another project I want to do. Smaller project and turn this one into a book! Someone ask, how I can be sure of the accuracy. I can't, but I will have a disclaimer stating, this is the research work of the researcher and I have not verified anything.

I have been working on an obituary project for the genealogy society and I am 75 percent done with the 2008 obituaries that were assigned me. I hope to be done before May! Yeah!

I am also preparing for my trek back to Wisconsin for 2 months and want to make sure my genealogy goals while I am there are clearly defined. I have started a folder and will make sure it includes everything I want to research. Plus I will be helping my niece start her genealogy research and have a binder started to get her on the right foot.

I love setting goals and re-examining them every couple of months. This way we know if we are staying on track or letting them fall to the wayside. Plus as we accomplish one goal, we can see if we want to create new goals.

Look at your goals and see how you are doing!

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