Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Researchers donated work find their way home!

I have been working on preserving a researcher's notes that were donated to the genealogy society that I belong to. I was scanning the files, page by page and trying to put them into some sort of order.

Well on Monday I came across a letter from the researchers niece and decided to see if I could find her online. I typed in her name and the last state she was living in, which is Wisconsin. Based on the letter, she was working with her aunt doing research. Therefore when I found a link to her name as a submitter to find-a-grave, and the graves were in Wisconsin, I decided to send her an email.

I asked if she was the niece of the researcher I was working on. I explained how we received these three large boxes of files and what I was doing. Since I am originally from Wisconsin and plan on driving back this summer, I offered to give her these files, if she was the niece and still lives in Wisconsin.

The next morning there was an email waiting waiting for me and she was very excited. She was the niece and this was her favorite aunt who happened to help spark her interest in genealogy. She was very excited to get pictures. All she knew about her aunts work was that it was donated to a library and she didn't know where. She even called her mother who was brought to tears. Her mother is the youngest of the large family and did not have many pictures. I am hoping there are pictures of her family. I know there are pictures of the researchers husband's side.

I am excited that I can stop my scanning, and make a copy of what I scanned and give her the copy.

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