Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 14 - social security death index

Aug 14 – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law this day in 1935. You can search several versions of the Social Security Death Index for free using the tools at <>

If you haven’t already heard, some sites have removed their Social Security Death Indexes from their sites due to the fact they contain social security numbers. But when you do find this resource you will find it helpful on figuring out death dates or even birth dates.

I read an article yesterday about how congress wants to “ban” this type of information from the internet or have it delayed a certain number of years before being published. The article went on to state that if we would only force companies and government agencies to check against the social security files to verify the numbers would work better than just banning the information. I have to agree. The article even stated that Social Security itself doesn’t check their own files before awarding monies. I find this hard to believe because when my father died, my two mentally disabled sisters’ benefits increased. Just like minor children who share on a parent’s survivors’ benefit, they too get survivors benefits. So something must have checked that. But anyways, we need social security numbers checked at the new hire stage, at applying for government funds whether it’s welfare, Pell money or anything else.

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