Monday, December 12, 2011

Well it is Monday and my week is starting as busy as ever. My things to do and I am not sure genealogy will be on the list. I already made a visit to the DMV to register my vehicle, but I need to go back tomorrow to get my husband's name on the title. I ran to the drug store to get medicine because it seems that Hubby, youngest daughter and now me are getting the creepy crude that is running around. Your throat tickles and you get this little cough that gets worst. Your voice is horse. I am only in the early stages so hopefully I can fend it off. Then I had to make vet appointments for two of my cats, actually one new kitten and the other the cat.

Once I get on the computer, especially on Monday's I need to go through all my emails and delete those I don't need, flag those I want to reference later and reply to some. I subscribe to some points earning sites that I earn points for each email I read. I turn those points into gift cards. This year I was able to redeem two $50.00 gift cards to Game Stop, which means more money I can spend on my genealogy. But going through those emails take time. I normally don't get on my computer on Friday through Sunday and thus I have three days worth each Monday to get rid of. Monday's take alot longer to get through them. Normally it is less than an hour.

But I had better get back through my emails...

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