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Anna Ursula Spanknable (1772-1831)

Anna Ursula Spanknable is the daughter of Johannes Spanknable and Elizabeth Kring. Also known as Ursula, she was born (17 Feb 17717) 17 Feb 1772 from Johannes bible and a newspaper article as reported on a previous blog about Johannes ( She married Wilhelm (William) Smith on 26 April 178967 William was born 19 May 17637 in Canajoharie, Albany, New York7 (per his Revolutionary Pension file)

I have found the following possible children for William and Anna Ursula

  1. John W1 b: 17894 (12 Nov 1789 in Lassellsville, Montgomery, New York7)
  2. Daniel1 Smith b abt 17915 born in 1810147 in Lassellsville, Montgomery, New York7, he died in 1888 in Fulton county, New York7
  3. William1 Smith born 8 Mar 179267 in Lassellsville, Montgomery, New York7 spouse: Sarah Smiley7 died 30 July 1870 in Lima, Allen, OH7
  4. Henry1 Smith born 9 Jun 179467, spouse: Clary 17
  5. Anna Smith b: 17 April 179624 aka Hannah147 in Lassellsville, Montgomery, New York7 married Jacob P Ouderkirk17 and died Feb 1871 in Lysander, Onondaga, New York7
  6. Christopher Smith born 19 Nov 179826 (born 20 Nov 1801 in Lassellsville, New York7) he married Eliazabeth “Unknown” 7 and died April 1870 in Ephratah, Fulton, New York7
  7. Elizabeth1 Smith b: 12 April 180127 in Lassellsville, Montgomery, New York 7married Christopher Smith17
  8. Catharine1 (Katherine7)Smith b: 6 April 180367 in Lasselsville, Montgomery, New York7 baptized 24 April 18036 married Alexander Ramo1
  9. Margaret1 Smith b: 30 March 180627 in Lassellsville, Montgomery, New York7 married Thomas Welch17 and she died 23 Nov 1898 in Kane County, Illinois7
  10. Jacob1 Smith born: 20 Jul 1808237 born in Lasselsville, Montgomery, New York, USA27  married Mary Pedrick 27. He died after 1880 in Saint Johnsville, Montgomery, New York7
  11. Solomon1 Smith born 4 May 181367 in Lassellsville, Montgomery, New York7 and baptized 16 July 18136. He married Margaret Failing7 and died Nov 1879 in Montgomery county, New York7

Ursula died 22 Sept 18317 and is buried in Dillaborough Cemetery, Lassellsville, Fulton County, NY, USA. She was 59 years, 7 months and 5 days old. William died on 22 May 18527 and is also buried in Dillaborough Cemetery. William was a soldier of the Revolution. Age at death was 92 years and 19 days.

You will notice some conflicts of information in the above summary such as: When was Daniel Smith born?  When was Christopher Smith born? These still need to be resolved, however, I am putting these on my back burner until I get back to this generation. I will be researching all of Johannes Spanknable's children first, then I will do his grandchildren. What I do know is that I only had one known child for Ursula and William and now I have eleven. 

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7 – Family Group Record for William Smith; submitted by Joe Long, TX 29 April 2015

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