Friday, June 21, 2013

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Today I was in the county courthouse for Dodge County, Wisconsin and was looking up my maiden name of CRINION. I decided to record all the entries found in the indexes for birth, marriages and deaths.

I started with the births and found 13 birth records. Then I looked up the death and found 8 records. Finally I looked up the Marriages and looked up via the males first and found 4 records. I noticed my great grandparents had two entries, one in 1895 and another in 1936. I wondered why there would be two marriage records. But anyway, I proceeded to record the marriages found based on females and found 13 lines.

After recording all the records listed in the indexes, I had to look up the marriage certificate dated 1936.

The certificate of marriage listed my great grandfather, David Crinion and my great grandmother, Amelia Crinion. The witnesses were my grandfather, Lawrence Crinion and his sister-in-law, Mrs. F W Crinion. My great grandfather was 72 years old and my great grandmother was 65 years old. It listed that they were both previously married to each other on Nov 6, 1895 and there were divorced on Nov 6, 1924. This marriage took place on October 5, 1936. This means they were divorced for 12 years.

This made me wonder if I ever found them in the 1930 census records. So I checked my genealogy software and sure enough I don't have the 1930 census record recorded for either of them.

I looked up David and found him listed as divorced in 1930 living as a border. I haven't been able to find my great grandmother in the 1930 census records yet. I have seen a city directory for 1931 that shows Amelia living in Racine, Wisconsin and I think it states she is a wid of David. This has me very interested, so my next step is to see if I can find their divorce records and see if I can get a copy or look at the file.

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