Friday, June 22, 2012

June 19 - Back up your genealogical data

June 19 – Yep, it’s that time again. Back up your genealogical data.

Don’t put this task off. I now use Dropbox to backup my data. I store all my genealogical databases on Dropbox and thus I have it not only in the Cloud known as Dropbox box, but on all my devices that I have accessing my Dropbox. This means my desktop, my laptop, my iPad, and my phone. As for all my other genealogical information, I use only hard drives for those backups. I had removed them from my old computers and placed them into external drive cases for about $10.00 each. These drives are not real big, but for $10.00 I have three 40 mg external drives for backups. Each month I back up (copy) all my files to one of the backups. I use drive one for Jan, Apr, July and Oct. I use drive two for Feb, May, Aug and November and drive three for Mar, June, Sept and December. I wipe out the drive and then back up my data, therefore my information goes back three months.

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